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We lose muscle mass as we age.

Weak Things Break!

| Dr. Dann

Did you know that we lose muscle mass as we age? This happens even if we are actively working out. After the age of 30 you begin to lose as much as 3%-5% per decade. That % increases as we age. People can lose up to 30% of their muscle mass during their lifetime according to most studies.

Loss of muscle mass can lead to increased lack of coordination and weakness.

Maintaining muscle and staying active is crucial to stay Functionally Independent as we age. Muscle strength and mass are directly correlated with functional abilities such as mobility, balance, and the ability to perform activities of daily living independently.

work through a physical impairment

So, You’ve given up?!?

| Dr. Dann

Have you given up on doing the things you love because of pain? Maybe you were able to push through it and now it is just getting too much to handle?

We hear this time and time again. After years of not being able to do what they love, people finally reach out in search of a change.

The story usually goes as follows:

Injury: We experience some pain or discomfort with a movement, it's recognizable but not life-altering.

Ignore: The pain isn't THAT bad so we continue to do the things we love with discomfort.

Have you been told to just REST your pain away?

Rest will not fix you

| Dr. Dann

Have you been told to just REST your pain away?

How many times have you been told by a coach or doctor to rest an ache or pain?

Just stop! Stop moving and doing what made you hurt in the first place. "Give it Time" Maybe, just maybe if you rest enough, that nagging pain will disappear on its own.

Meanwhile, you are possibly missing out on workouts with friends, walking your dog, or playing with your kids. You can't do what you love and are feeling discouraged about losing progress and being left out.

Are adjustments making my low back pain worse?

Are adjustments making my low back pain worse?

| Dr. Dann

Do you schedule an adjustment every time your lower back flares up?

Adjustments are great, I mean they feel great!

But when it comes to the low-back, we may not want to rely on adjustments to help solve the endemic of lower back pain

Here’s why!

Over 80% of people have low-back pain because typically the lower back is an unstable structure. What this means is it moves too much causing pain with activity. 

As a result, you may feel pain every time you bend, lift, twist, etc. This is due to an unstable structure (the lower back) creating inflammation due to excess movement - moving too much.

Since adjustments increase movement between joints, frequent adjustments on the lower back may actually be contributing to your pain!

Do you ever wake up with mystery pain?

Do you ever wake up with mystery pain?

| Dr. Dann

To wake up with a pain that you didn't go to sleep with can be very frustrating and confusing. Not only can it be confusing, but it can also be scary!

Let’s face it, mystery pain is something most of us have dealt with at one time or another. Why can't I turn my neck? I was moving around just fine before I went to bed! Did I sleep wrong? Did my dog kick me in my sleep? Is it my age?

Many of us love a good mystery, but not when it comes to our health!

Not Always the Joints

| Dr. Dann

Have you ever been told, "Oh, you just need to be re-aligned?" or, "You just need to be popped into place?”

The truth is, not all of our aches and pains have to do with the joints. There are many factors involved when dealing with pain from an injury.

The Tug of War with Heat Vs. ICE 

| Dr. Dann

Half the time we are told to Ice an ache, the other half we are told to Heat it! So which solution provides the best result? Nervous, you are going to do the wrong thing and make an ache or pain worse by choosing heat over ice or vice versa?

I.MOVE. Health and Performance is now open in Clackamas / Happy Valley

Welcoming I.MOVE. Health and Performance!

| Dr. Dann

I.MOVE. (short for Infinity Movement) was opened in early 2023, driven by a passionate desire to revolutionize physical medicine. Before this venture, Dr. Dann practiced for several years adhering to the typical chiropractic practice of brief 5-10 minute appointments with an indefinite return schedule and minimal impact on people's lives outside of the office.

Recognizing the need for change, Dr. Dann embarked on a journey to do things differently and to have a larger impact on people's lives.