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Are adjustments making my low back pain worse?

Education | | Dr. Dann

Do you schedule an adjustment every time your lower back flares up?

Adjustments are great, I mean they feel great!

But when it comes to the low-back, we may not want to rely on adjustments to help solve the endemic of lower back pain

Here’s why!

Over 80% of people have low-back pain because typically the lower back is an unstable structure. What this means is it moves too much causing pain with activity. 

As a result, you may feel pain every time you bend, lift, twist, etc. This is due to an unstable structure (the lower back) creating inflammation due to excess movement - moving too much.

Since adjustments increase movement between joints, frequent adjustments on the lower back may actually be contributing to your pain!

You would know this pertains to you if your low-back pain isn’t getting better with adjustments, maybe even gradually getting worse, with occasional flare-ups.

So instead of feeding into the pain - we take a different approach. We focus on creating stability, that all starts with learning what the heck that even means.

If you’re curious and feel as though your low-back pain has been stagnant and not getting better, maybe even slowly getting worse, reach out, and let’s schedule a phone call to talk about what’s going on. I’d love to explain more about this to you.

PS: One thing we won’t do is bombard you with core exercises to decrease lower back pain! We give you the tools to actually get out of pain and get back to doing what you love without spending 23 hours a day doing dead bugs (core exercises).

If you are ready to take action against your low back pain, we are here to help!

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