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Choosing the right Rehab Specialist!

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Let's delve into why selecting the right rehab specialist matters:

Precision in Movement

Like distinguishing between a hinge and a squat, knowing the nuances of movement is crucial. It's akin to using the right fuel in a high-performance car. A rehab specialist guides you in understanding the subtleties of each exercise, ensuring they target the intended areas without causing harm. At I.MOVE. we spend 60 minutes with each patient to ensure we have the time it takes to make sure your movement patterns will no longer contribute to your pain!

Balance and Alignment

Imagine your body as a backpack; slouching forward strains your back, while pulling your shoulders too far back overloads them. A rehab specialist teaches the delicate balance, ensuring you stand tall and strong without feeling weighed down. They adjust your alignment like a skilled backpacker redistributing the weight, so you can tackle any terrain without discomfort.

Flexibility without Overextension

Stretching is like reaching for something just out of grasp—it feels good and keeps you limber. However, just like overstretching a rubber band, pushing too far can lead to injury. A proficient rehab specialist demonstrates the optimal stretch, ensuring you remain flexible without risking a snap. We don’t just tell our patients what to do, but we show them so that they have the tools they need at their disposal at all times. It's like having a personal trainer for your body's elasticity, preventing any painful rebounds.

At I.MOVE., we're not just experts in rehabilitation; we're enthusiasts in motion. Our specialists understand the demands you place on your body because we share the same passion for movement. Let us guide you back to your peak condition, so you can resume doing what you love without limitations. Choose the right rehab specialist today and invest in your body's longevity and performance.

Dr. Dann is a chiropractor serving Milwaukie, Happy Valley, Clackamas, and Oregon City.
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