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Not Always the Joints

Education | | Dr. Dann

Have you ever been told, "Oh, you just need to be re-aligned?" or, "You just need to be popped into place?”

The truth is, not all of our aches and pains have to do with the joints. There are many factors involved when dealing with pain from an injury.

I was talking with a friend this week who had hurt her back. Most people she talked to asked if she had been to a chiropractor to get "re-aligned." Believe it or not, an adjustment isn't always the answer. Just because something hurts, like a rib or the back, doesn't mean that the bones or joints are the root cause of the problem.

Our body is called the musculoskeletal system for a reason! The system together provides our bodies with stability, shape, and support. This term does not describe the bones by themselves. It includes all types of muscles too.

Skeletal muscles in particular are the ones that team up with the joints to produce movements.

When smaller muscles (like the ones around our ribs, back, and hips) are aggravated, it can sometimes present as joint pain.

When this happens, if you keep getting quick fix adjustments you can potentially aggravate those muscles further and find no relief whatsoever.

So Frustrating!

How do I know what's right for me? Should I get an adjustment? Should I rest? What about massage? Finding the root cause to any problem regarding pain and injury is always the Next Best Step!

Did you know that I.MOVE. specializes in Chiropractic work along with manual therapy and education-based rehab? If an adjustment isn't what you need, we won't do it.

If you resonate with this or know someone who would, we would love to help.

Dr. Dann is a chiropractor serving Milwaukie, Happy Valley, Clackamas, and Oregon City.
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