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Read this before you decide on surgery!

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Have you been told that you need surgery for what's going on and that there is no other option?

We are not saying that surgery doesn't help people in some cases; however, many people turn to surgery without exhausting other options or considering the consequences.

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about surgery...

Factors contributing to the complexity of pain:

Shoulder and back pain can stem from a variety of underlying issues, such as muscle strain, ligament sprain, joint inflammation, nerve compression, or even psychological factors like stress. Surgery may not address the root cause of the pain, especially if it's related to muscle tension, poor posture, or lifestyle habits.

Risk vs. Benefit Analysis:

Surgery always carries inherent risks, including infection, blood loss, nerve damage, and prolonged recovery time. For many cases of shoulder and back pain, the potential benefits of surgery may not outweigh these risks, especially if non-invasive treatments like physical therapy, medication, or lifestyle modifications can provide sufficient relief.

Limited Success Rates:

Surgery for shoulder and back pain doesn't guarantee a complete resolution of symptoms. Success rates vary depending on the specific condition, the individual's health status, and the skill of the surgeon. In some cases, surgery may only provide partial relief or even exacerbate the pain. Therefore, it's essential to explore conservative treatment options before considering surgery, particularly for non-life-threatening conditions.

If you are being told that surgery is your only option, but aren't certain that it's the direction you want to take, we are here and happy to talk to you about other options that are available to you!

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