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So, You’ve given up?!?

Education | | Dr. Dann

Have you given up on doing the things you love because of pain? Maybe you were able to push through it and now it is just getting too much to handle?

We hear this time and time again. After years of not being able to do what they love, people finally reach out in search of a change.

The story usually goes as follows:

Injury: We experience some pain or discomfort with a movement, it's recognizable but not life-altering.

Ignore: The pain isn't THAT bad so we continue to do the things we love with discomfort.

Persist: We continue to ignore the pain in pursuit of our personal goals, yet the pain becomes persistent and now we are having to modify how we run, lift, walk down the stairs, carry our groceries, play with our kids,  etc.

Chronic: The pain has now become so severe that it is spilling into every facet of our life. Not only can we NOT do the things we love, but we are having a hard time just doing the things we need to do throughout the day.

Sound Familiar?

You aren't alone! Check out this testimonial from a patient!

"I wasn’t hopeful anyone would be able to really help me with my orthopedic injuries and pain, but Dr. Dann came through in a big way. From the very beginning Dr. Dann listened to my concerns and worked with me to improve my old injuries. He’s helped me gain strength and confidence in my physical abilities. Because of Dr. Dann I’ve been able to return to running, cycling and weight lifting; all without pain! I am so grateful to have found Dr. Dann. I highly recommend Dr. Dann to anyone who has a desire to work through a physical impairment and get back to all the fun stuff you thought you couldn’t do anymore. He always shows up with a smile ready to help."

The truth is, you can spend days, weeks, months, even years NOT being able to do the things you love,


You can take action today to make immediate steps in the right direction. Doing something for yourself is always going to be better than doing nothing.

If you are ready for a doctor who cares about your GOALS so that you can continue to do the things you love, then this is the place for you!

If you resonate with this or know someone who would, we would love to help.