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When is enough enough

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When is that tipping point, that moment that you decide 'I've had enough of this! I need to do something different for myself?'

It's tricky sometimes to know when to take action. How do you know when it's bad enough? How do you know when your car needs a tune-up vs. a new transmission?

Well, our car lets us know, and so does our body! When the check engine light goes on it's saying, "Hey, I think we may have a problem." That is the indicator! When smoke starts billowing out of the hood, that's the "Houston, we have a big problem" signal!

The problem is, a lot of times we ignore the check engine light because it isn't bad enough yet..... and then we are left to deal with a greater issue down the road!

Now, most of us wouldn't drive our car for very long with the check engine light on without getting it checked out, so why do we do that to our bodies?

Our bodies give us indicators, clues to the fact that something isn't quite right. It ranges from a twinge to an ache, maybe throbbing in a joint, but we ignore it because " isn't THAT bad."

For most of us, it isn't bad, until it's REALLY BAD!

The truth is, it is much easier to address the check engine light before it turns into an entire engine on fire! So when is enough, enough? When do you know it's time to address that pain or ache you have been dealing with?

"The best time to start was Yesterday, the next best time is Now.”

Experience tells us that the check engine light doesn't just go off by itself. The problem gets addressed, or the problem gets bigger.

Timeliness matters, you matter, and taking care of your one body, matters!

Sick of driving around with your check engine light on? Be proactive and give us a call! We would love to help.

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